Ask an Idaho Scientist

Ask a Southeastern Idaho Scientist

    • Please be as specific as possible. To give an answer, we need to understand what you’re asking.

    • Any submitted question may be publicly posted on our website. Please do not submit questions with private/personal information, or concerning topics that you do not wish to be made publicly available.question

    • Questions may be submitted anonymously. You need only enter a question and grade-level.

    • An email address is not required, but if you would like us to email the answer to your question, please provide an address.

    • Most questions will receive a reply within two weeks.

    • The question should concern science. It should be a question.

    • We will not do your homework.

  • If you question is chosen as “Question of the Week,” your name, grade and school will be printed in the weekly Ask a Scientist column.

  • If your computer settings do not allow this form to work or if you would rather email your question directly , send your question to

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