What do you call a bunch of ladybugs?

Asked by a teacher from the Bring Idaho Alive Class

Answered by Gregg Losinski, Education & Communications Specialist

ESER- Environmental Surveillance, Education, and Research

Believe it or not, there is a specific name for a group of ladybugs! They are called a loveliness of ladybugs. The term used to describe such specialized naming words is Collective Nouns. When it come to groups of animals people actually put specific names into print as far back as the 1400’s. Back then they were called “Terms of Venery” and were mostly related to animals that were hunted. Over time names have come and gone. Some make sense, others have mutated over time and their original meanings have been lost. As you study the following list some names will seem logical, others humorous. The names listed here are the more common usages, but you may know others!

Colony of Ants
Cete of Badgers
Colony of Bats
Sloth of Bears
Colony of Beavers
Sedge of Bitterns
Herd of Buffalo

Flutter of Butterflies
Wake of Buzzards
Glaring of Cats
Gulp of Cormorants
Pack of Coyotes
Sedge of Cranes
Murder of Crows
Herd of Deer
Dule of Doves
Brace of Ducks
Aerie of Eagles

Gang of Elk
Charm of Finches
School of Fish – Alive
Mess of Fish – In creel
Business of Flies
Leash of Foxes
Gaggle of Geese – On the ground
Skein of Geese – In flight
Cloud of Gnats
Trip of Goats
Horde of Hamsters
Down of Hares
Kettle of Hawks
Hedge of Herons
Cry of Hounds
Husk of Jackrabbits

Loveliness of Ladybugs

Exaltation of Larks
Risk of Lobsters
Plague of Locusts
Tiding of Magpies
Sord of Mallards
Herd of Moose
Scourge of Mosquitos
Bevy of Otters
Parliament of Owls
Covey of Partridges
Nide of Pheasants – On ground
Bouquet of Pheasants – When Flushed
Aurora of Polar Bears
Prickle of Porcupines
Bevy of Quail
Nest of Rabbits
Gaze of Raccoons
Rhumba of Rattlesnakes
Unkindness of Ravens
Crash of Rhinoceroses

Bind of Salmon
Family of Sardines
Shiver of Sharks
Drove of Sheep
Walk of Snipes
Host of Sparrows
Dray of Squirrels
Murmuration of Starlings
Bank of Swans – On the ground
Wedge of Swans – In flight
Knot of Toads
Hover of Trout
Rafter of Turkeys
Bale of Turtles
Huddle of Walruses
Pack of Wolves
Fall of Woodcocks
Descent of Woodpeckers
Dazzle of Zebras

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